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QuickBooks desktop Phase out

The future of QuickBooks and how it will affect you

Important Information

QuickBooks desktop phased out in South Africa.

QuickBooks Desktop was phased out  in South Africa with effect 31 July 2021, and as a result, QuickBooks desktop is now unavailable for purchase in South Africa (unless bought on-line as a 1 or 2 user PC download). Following the phase out, current QuickBooks desktop clients have limited support from QuickBooks Support Team.  Another key point is that no new versions of QuickBooks desktop are available.  Neither upgrades nor adding of additional  user licenses are available from QuickBooks. These are however available from third party stores and depends on availability of stock .


What does this mean to you as a QuickBooks desktop user and what will happen, should you wish to continue using the desktop version?


The good news is that your current QuickBooks package will continue to work and PCS will continue to offer secure managed cloud hosting services. PCS will also assist  with the smooth migration of your current QuickBooks Desktop package onto the server.  Servers are managed 24/7  by a highly skilled Support Team with a trusted 99.95% up-time.

You don't want to change?

Are you working on a QuickBooks desktop package and don’t want to change from desktop? Have you thought about what could happen in the event of the loss of your QuickBooks data and how it would affect your company?

The Answer!

If you answered “yes”, then let us help you migrate your QuickBooks Desktop onto a secure managed Cloud Server which is one of the best and safest options to store your data. With a constant back-up system, it gives you the most secure data hosting solution possible.

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