We have established ourselves as leaders in the Industry of providing solid, reliable and secure Hosting Platforms to our clients both South Africa and international. We have perfected our services and performance levels to excellent standards

Our Friendly, effective and dedicated Cloud Support Team is ready and available all hours for efficient assistance and are only a phone call / email away (Support email:  support@peqqo.co.za)

We offer Dedicated Cloud Hosting platforms for Sage, QuickBooks, SAP and various other platforms

The Sage Pastel Cloud Hosting Software Packages are, Pastel Xpress, Pastel Partner, Pastel Evolution, Pastel Payroll and VIP Payroll and the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Software Packages are, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Accountant and QuickBooks Payroll.

Included in our Total Managed Cloud Solution is an Automatic Backup System and Failover / Recovery System giving you peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.

Our Cloud Specialists focus on implementing and assisting you with the completion of your request.

For an Unrestricted Mobility, Stability, Reliability, Highly Secured and Convenient cloud experience, contact us and our Professional Team will assist you all the way.

We host the following desktop packages:

Cloud Backup Solutions available @ R1.50/Gb Exl. VAT

for more info inquire by email: support@peqqo.co.za

Proud business partners with the following partners:

Proud business partners with the following partner - Microsoft SAGE - Office 365 - Quickbooks
Peqqo PCS - provider of Quickbooks