Omni Accounts & ERP

Omni Accounts & ERP

Omni Accounts & ERP, a new experience

Omni Accounts

Omni Accounts offers a choice of Bundles (business solutions) to suit a wide range of business types and sizes. Each Bundle contains a set of features (Switches) starting with the entry-level Essential Bundle and ending with the top-of-the-range Premium Bundle. As you progress, all the Switches of the lower Bundles are included in the higher Bundles. Upgrading to a higher Bundle or adding on individual Switches is quick and easy.

Accounting Bundles

Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP

ERP refers to Enterprise Resource Planning, and it’s a type of software that makes your life a lot easier. The way it does this is by automating various business functions across every department. The main aim of an ERP system is to integrate and share information across all areas of a business. This is so that information is only captured once and is all real-time. This results in more accurate and up-to-date information for the decision-makers in the business, as well as enabling employees to work more efficiently.

What is ERP

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ERP Modules

Omni and Preferred Cloud Hosting

We are a proud VAR and Cloud Hosting Partner of Omni Accounts & ERP

Make your business work smarter! In other words, get your financial software on-the-go by collaborating virtually with your team via our Dedicated Cloud Hosting solutions for Omni Accounts.

Why Preferred Cloud Solutions

No high infrastructure costs
Easy Migrate your desktop Omni Accounts to a fully managed cloud server
Predictable costs with our all-inclusive costing fee per user
Easy scalability depending on usage
Robust network infrastructure alongside around-the-clock management
Manage upgrades and new technologies as required
Disaster recovery. Your data is safe across all services and applications
Your application is backed by an industry-leading 99.95% up-time
24/7 Highly skilled Support Team availability
Daily secure backup

For seamless migration
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