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MYBI Management Accounts & BI Solution

MYBI takes care of management accounts.
MyBI takes care of vat reconciliations.
Access your company data from the MyBI dashboard.

MyBI is a user-friendly Business Intelligence (BI) and auditing tool. It generates Management accounts, Financial statements, Trial balances & much more directly from Pastel data.

MyBI delivers accurate reporting, provides sales and purchasing management tools and also has a suite of products that enables and facilitates growth. The product delivers accurate information, saving time and money so that you can focus on what you do best.

Access automated reports that include daily management accounts, consolidated management accounts, VAT reconciliations, cash flow report by transaction, ratios and trends and several more. Drill down to the specific transactions that make up the numbers.

Give your sales team the ability to quote using data from Pastel without being connected to Pastel. The buying department can process purchases without being connected to Pastel. When ready, connect and sync with a secure Internet connection. There’s more!

MyBI Mission

At MyBI we strive to bring people and systems closer together so that each can focus on their strengths. We do this by giving people time back through automation of financial and administrative processes. We place the emphasis on people as we understand that people are the most important resource. That is why our aim is to free-up people by eliminating wasted time.

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