6 Benefits of Cloud Computing

6 Benefits of Cloud Computing

6 Benefits of Cloud Computing


You can find a substantial amount of information about the benefits of cloud computing on the internet. Scrolling through all this information is time-consuming and confusing. However, you just want to get on with running your organization, without spending precious time finding the perfect solution. Furthermore, you are well aware that the in-house server under the receptionist’s desk has reached the end of its useful life.

You want to replace it with something that is more secure, cost-effective, and convenient to access around the clock. In addition, you will like to be assured that you have a regular and safe backup of your data.

Firstly, let us discuss cloud computing

Cloud computing requires a cloud server, which is a virtual server that is not physically present in your office. As long as you have access to the internet, you can connect to your cloud server from anywhere and at any time. Opting for a cloud server will not only result in saving on space at your premises, saving on replacing expensive infrastructure, but will also secure your data. A cloud server will be the perfect replacement for your outdated in-house server. Cloud computing will not only give you secure, cost-effective, and convenient access around the clock but will give you the assurance that your data are safely backed up daily.

Now, let us look at the benefits of cloud computing

With cloud computing being around for a number of years, the popularity of cloud computing has also grown. This has resulted in Businesses giving thoughtful consideration to the benefits of migrating to cloud computing. Although there are numerous benefits to cloud computing, the following 6 benefits give a simplifying and inclusionary listing of benefits.


1. Decreased spending

The savings in IT operations costs and the cost of procuring pricey in-house hardware are two of the biggest benefits of switching to cloud computing. Additionally, new hardware can be cumbersome and big. These problems are resolved by cloud computing. By making your workplace space more efficient, you can cut costs elsewhere as well, like rent. The cost of electricity will be reduced with the help of cloud computing.

Managed Cloud servers make negotiation simpler and more productive by including all maintenance and management costs in a monthly charge. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about interruptions from IT hardware maintenance or hardware failures that result in hours of downtime so that you can focus on running your business efficiently.

2. Scalability and Flexibility

Business sectors go through expansion and contraction cycles, and your organization will require more resources at times and fewer resources at others. It goes without saying that as a firm expands, more bandwidth and storage will be required. The flexibility of up or down scaling in accordance with your organization’s needs is fortunately provided by cloud computing. This eliminates the need to buy and install pricey updates and on-site equipment.

3. Data backups and restoring

The financial data in your business is its most crucial component, so regular data security measures must be taken without fail. By using a managed cloud server for your cloud computing, you can make sure that the crucial financial data for your business is securely backed up. Your managed server’s service provider is in charge of making sure that your data is safely and securely backed up. No matter what happens to your work computer or other equipment, if your data is safely backed up to the cloud, you will always have access from any device with an internet connection.

This results in the ability to continue managing your business without encountering any delays or losing production. Your managed cloud service provider is responsible for expeditious data restoration in order for you to get back to the important task of managing your business.

4. Automatic software updates

The process of updating software can be time-consuming and eat up hours of your day. However, if you are using a cloud server, the cloud service provider will take care of all server maintenance, including software and security upgrades. This will free up your time and resources for other projects. Inadequate software upgrades will make you vulnerable to hackers and other cybercriminals, slow down or even halt your programs.

Regular software updates will strengthen your security as well as provide you access to new features and speed boosts. Compatibility is another feature of routine updates. Software development frequently results in old apps that are incompatible with more recent versions of things like operating systems.

5. Data security

Your piece of mind knowing that your organization’s data is maintained safe and secure on the cloud is just as crucial as the secure backup of your data. The safety and security of your valuable company data are monitored around-the-clock by cloud provider’s security teams. Another crucial element is that cloud service providers must adhere to legal requirements. In South Africa, for instance, they must comply to the POPI Act. At the same time, all other legal requirements must be followed, and the majority of service providers do so completely. As a result, using a cloud server will significantly strengthen the security of your data.

6. Mobility and collaboration

Your employees can remotely access company data stored in the cloud on any internet-enabled device, from any location, at any time, and so stay productive even when traveling. This makes working with all members of the team a straightforward and hassle-free process. Cloud collaboration enables users to work simultaneously on documents saved on your cloud. This will allow you to stay informed about everything that is happening within your company in addition to keeping in touch with clients and co-workers.

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