MyBI For Instant Business Intelligence Sage Pastel

MyBI For Instant Business Intelligence – Sage Pastel

An orchestra is only as good as its conductor. Without a conductor, each musician would rely on his or her own interpretation of the music. During the concert, the conductor keeps everyone together and on track.

You may be wondering what the orchestra and conductor have to do with Business Intelligence.

If your company is the orchestra, and you are the conductor, your company and its employees may only perform to the extent that you guide them.

An orchestra conductor requires music composed by professional composers which provides all the information on how the music should be performed. You as manager require accurate information to make informed decisions for the best growth of your company and the best performance of your personnel.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is designed for everyone in the company, from senior executives and department managers to sales reps and other staff, who will all benefit by utilising it. BI acquires information that is not already recorded, checks the information for inaccuracies, and structures the information in a way that allows for comprehensive analysis.

Business intelligence (BI) software is the term for the set of digital transformation tools that enables organisations to implement more effective business procedures, make better decisions, and act with knowledge.

MyBI and their expert team’s mission is “To make business alive and accessible through financial reporting.”

SAGE 50 Cloud, SAGE Pastel Partner, or SAGE Pastel Xpress?

You find it difficult to gain meaningful access to your data?

MyBI is the answer

MyBI delivers accurate reporting, provides sales and purchasing management tools and also has a suite of products that enables and facilitates growth. The product delivers accurate information, saving time and money so that you can focus on what you do best.

Get access to automated reports such as daily management accounts, consolidated management accounts, VAT reconciliations, cash flow report by transaction, ratios and trends, and many more. Drill down to the individual transactions that comprise the numbers.

Give your sales team the ability to quote using data from Pastel without being connected to Pastel. The buying department can process purchases without being connected to Pastel. When ready, connect and sync with a secure Internet connection.

MyBI Business Intelligence


MyBI Apps are designed for seamless integration with Sage 50cloud Pastel, Pastel Partner and Pastel Express. MyBI Business Apps are designed to understand your business and enhance growth.

Business Partners

While Preferred Cloud Solutions provide a stable and secure cloud platform for your Sage Pastel, MyBI offers the perfect Business Intelligence Solution for Sage Pastel. Working together to deliver accurate information on a solid and secure cloud platform.

We at Preferred Cloud Solutions are proud to be a Business Partner of MyBI.

By combining our years of experience and professional skills, we can transform your Sage Pastel from an Accounting System to a full ERP System, because of access from anywhere.

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