Are you compliant with new regulations related to the Protection of your customers personal Information?

Are you concerned with the risk of access to your computers for customer records due to theft, power failure and computer hardware failures?

Then a cloud based solution is for you as it mitigates all of the above issues!


  • Situated in a highly secured and 24/7 monitored environment, theft is no longer a consideration. This ensuring compliance to the Protection of Personal Information Act as opposed to having the records under the receptionist desk.
  • Full hardware redundancy built into the solution ensures no risk of a computer failure leaving you without access to the clients records.
  • With the records housed in a remote and fully redundant facility even when the lights go out and you don’t have a generator you can still access the records with just a laptop and 3G connection
  •  We can also host for all medical practise environments.

Cloud Computing, Defined

Many complain that the concept of cloud computing is merely a marketing term to define centralized, mainframe computing. However, the model of today’s cloud computing differs from that of mainframes of the past.

First, the sheer amount of resources available makes today’s cloud computing incomparable to mainframe/terminal host computing. It’s nothing for cloud storage providers to quickly add another GB of storage for a customer simply at the customer’s request thanks to scalable and flexible cloud-computing resources hosted by the likes of Amazon, Rackspace and other providers. The efficiency of delivering cloud computing resources is also credited to faster networking and Internet connectivity at a relatively low price.

Second, cloud computing is a broad umbrella under which many sub-divisions fall. Cloud computing can include Software-as-a-Service where a specific application or service is offered to a customer as a subscription. Dropbox, O365,OneDrive for Business and QuickBooks, SAGE, VIP, PAYROLL are all examples of SaaS.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) allows businesses a platform on which they can create and deploy custom apps, databases and line-of-business services integrated into one platform.

With Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), businesses can purchase infrastructure from providers as virtual resources. Components include servers, memory, firewalls and more.

Most small businesses will more than likely only need to use SaaS services. For these businesses, SaaS provides a way of delivering a host of software and technical services that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive and difficult to manage as on-premise, local solutions.

At PCS Cloud Solutions we provide and manage all of the above.

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